The Office for the Protection of Children and Youth

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April is Child Abuse Prevention Month - click HERE for resources

Report Abuse:
To report any past or present suspected inappropriate behavior toward children by priests, deacons, religious, lay ecclesial ministers, or personnel associated with the Church, please contact the Diocesan Response Service at: (216) 334-2999 or

Download list of County Hotlines to report abuse or neglect.pdf

Terence Flanagan, Victim Assistance Coordinator
Work Phone:  216-334-2958; Fax: 216-334-2983
Response Services:  216-334-2999
Catholic Charities Parish &  Community Ministries
7911 Detroit Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44102

Sharon M. Minson, Director
1404 East Ninth Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44114
(216) 696-6525 ext. 1157